Why You Should Consider An Initial Ring As The Perfect Gift For Your Loved One

There are many reasons that you would want to buy a ring; love, promise, marriage, death, or simply as a gift for someone you love. It’s understandable that if you’re planning on buying a ring for someone that you’d want it to be of the highest quality so that you know it will last.
In this article, there is going to be reasons why people would choose to buy initial rings for their loved ones, and why you should consider getting custom initial rings for the loved ones in your life.
Initial rings are very much like signet rings because they are different to any other ring that you can obtain. History dictates that signet rings were often worn by gentlemen as far back as 3500 BC and are still used today for instances such as politics and business. They are a
sign of uniqueness and that’s how they are very similar to initial rings in this day and age.

Monogram rings – The best Sentimental gift

There are many ways in which you can make a gift sentimental, but buying Initial rings would make a gift very sentimental to the person that you’re giving it to. This is because you can simply get their initial(s) in the form of a ring or you might choose to get both yours and their initials on their ring if you’re their lover. Alternatively, you might choose to buy a ring with the initials of that person’s loved one too. As you can see, doing any of these options would make custom initial rings much more sentimental.

Silver and Gold Monogram Rings – Personalisation

As briefly mentioned above, the fact that you can personalize your initial rings makes the gift more meaningful to the person that you’re giving it to. Not only can you have their initial on the ring, but there are also companies that can offer other emblems to go on the ring such as a heart, or a diamond. If you’re planning on getting custom initial rings for your loved ones, consider personalizing it to their tastes with diamonds and the type of metal that is used for the ring. Some people prefer white gold over the usual gold ring.

Uniqueness: Getting a custom engraving for your Initial ring

The fact that there are no limits on how you can personalize your gift is also a blessing because it will make each ring that you give unique not only to that person but to the world. Some people choose to have full names when they are buying custom initial rings. For example, if you were buying a ring for a woman named Lily, and your name was Casper you could use “L&C” or “Lily&Casper”. While there are other people in the world with your names, it’s unlikely that you will run into someone with the same ring that you’ve created for your loved one.


Finally, initial rings are timeless because at no point will their name change (unless of course, they decide to change it) and their ring will mean something for the rest of their lives. Also, initial rings aren’t generally something that will go out of trend easily because of the fact that it’s a personalized jewelry.
As you can see, there are many reasons to buy an initial ring for your loved ones and not only is it something that you can personalize to their taste, but it’s something that you can buy for almost anyone you know because they’re timeless and a brilliant addition to someone’s jewelry collection.

  • Jan 19, 2018
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