The history of the Freemasons is a long and highly symbolic one. Dating back to the 14 th century, the original
purpose was to regulate the qualifications of stonemasons; your position in the organization ranked how good a
mason you were, be it an apprentice, journeymen, or master mason.
Today, the Masons are considered the world’s largest fraternity. While each Masonic Lodge exists and operates
according to a set of ancient principles, known as the Landmarks of Freemasonry, these principles have far
eluded any universally accepted definition. Each lodge has their own set of rules and functions independently.
When it comes to the Masonic ring, the same holds true; each masonic ring may have a very different meaning
between one lodge and another. However, the ring itself, regardless of the meanings of each part, is
unmistakably and only to be worn by a freemason.

Handmade Silver and Gold Masonic rings

- The Masonic Ring

The Masonic Ring and the symbols on it are the most recognized emblems of the Masons. It is worn on the third finger of the right hand and only Master Masons should wear a ring. They can be silver or gold and are most often handmade jewelry, as the masons are considered highly skilled trade workers.
Mainly drawn from the manual tools of stonemasons, the ring features a compass and a square on top.
Sometimes the letter “G” is on a Masonic Ring. The exact meaning of the “G” is unknown. Some say it stands for
“Great Architects of the Universe.” Others believe it means “God.” Yet a third variation says that the “G” means
“Geometry,” as the basis of the operative craft that gave birth to modern Freemasonry.
If the ring has a stone, it is typically either a blue spinel, synthetic ruby, or black onyx. The Blue Spinel stone is
a one of revitalization, and it can re-energize all aspects of yourself. It is considered a stone of a highly dedicated
worker. Rubies are a stone of inner power that is said to give you strength to take risks and try new things.
Black Onyx is a stone of strength, discipline and self-control.

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How to were a Masonic ring

- How to wear a Masonic Ring

While Masons are known as a group of believers, they do not identify with any one religion. Religion and Politics are banned topics of conversation among Masons. However, the Masonic ring does have a religious connotation.
The ends of the square point up as a symbol of man’s aspirations toward God. The points of the compass point down to represent heavenly qualities coming down from God to earth.

- Different Types of Rings

There are several different types of Freemason rings, but the rules of wearing a Blue Lodge Ring or 3 rd Degree Master Ring are the same; only Master Masons may wear one. While they come in different design styles, perhaps based on lodge preference, if you are not a Freemason, you should not wear a masonic ring.

The Mason Ring is one of history, tradition, and pride. To wear one means that you are part of a group larger
than yourself and follow the beliefs and practices of the freemason way of life.

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