Design your own Silver or Gold Masonic Jewelry now!

Now it's absolutely possible to own the ring of your dreams! You could create a handcrafted signet ring by a picture or draw, in a few simple steps. 
Our professionalists will help you to create a handcrafted ring which will meet your requirements and approval.

Our goldsmiths work according to all the quality standards, which is proven by our numerous customers all over the world. The crafting technics used for crafting all our jewelry, the tools and the skill guarantee the high quality, the beauty and the uniqueness of each our jewel. Our goldsmiths put a part of themselves in each jewel and you will feel it. Each silver or gold ring, silver or gold pendant, necklace, silver or gold cufflinks or another jewelry carries within itself a part of the goldsmith's soul who molded it and cast it. 
This so-called "value added" is a gift to you from us and our colleagues - our customers. 

Even with the first wearing of your custom jewelry, you will feel the energy it is loaded with. This energy and emotion, that will captivate you, will make you feel a proud owner of a unique and personalized jewelry made with great attention and love especially for you. 

The team of MasonArtStore is specialized in the crafting of Silver and Gold Masonic jewelry, Knights Templar jewelry, Occult jewelry, Religious Jewelry and accessories.
All handmade silver or gold rings, pendants, necklaces, cufflinks and other jewelry which you will find in MasonArtStore`s catalog can be ordered in different sizes and different metals – Sterling Silver 925, White, Yellow or Rose Gold from 10ct to 24ct and also a combination of Silver and Gold.

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Design your own unique jewelry – design your ring, pendant, necklace or cufflinks

To ensure that you own a unique piece of jewelry, it has to be crafted by professionals and fully personalized by your requirements!
To make an enquiry you just have to follow the steps:

  1. Write us to our Contact Form or directly to our emails: or;
  2. In your e-mail attach a link, file (image, photo, drawing/sketch) of the ring, pendant or another jewel that you would like us to craft for you;
  3. Еxplain with as much detail as possible exactly what you want us to craft;
  4. Wait for a response within 24 hours. Then we will discuss and specify the details;
  5. Once your assignment is cleared and specified we will send you a custom invoice;
  6. Then the real work may begin. Our modelists will craft a wax model of your unique custom jewel and we will send you photo of it;
  7. Once it is confirmed by you, the casting process will begin;
  8. When your unique custom jewel is finished we will send you photo and will wait for your confirmation;
  9. Once confirmed by you we will send you your unique custom jewel.

We will keep in touch!
You will receive information on every step of craftsmanship!

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