Occult refers to the knowledge of the secret and unknown. In normal usage it refers to the knowledge of the paranormal and higher spirituality. Occultism is seen as an integral part to gaining a mystical religious experience. For occultists, the occult symbols have great significance. They are used actively in their ceremonies and rituals. Occult symbols are of a very wide range. There are symbols related to Satanism, paganism, witchcraft and so on. There are occult symbols that are even common today and actively used in modern magical orders.
Here in this section you can see various different occult pendants and occult necklaces that are related to various different occult practices. Our pendants and necklaces are part of occult jewelry set. We have various different occult jewelry such as satanic jewelry, spiritual jewelry, gothic jewelry, pagan jewelry and so. In the pendants section of the store we have gold occult pendants, silver occult pendants and to go with the pendants we have gold occult necklaces and also silver occult necklaces. We also have customizable occult pendants and occult necklaces. All our occult jewelry is handmade and can be tailored to your preferences.

Occult Baphomet Pendant - Pentacle Pendant, Silver/Gold
Handmade Pentacle Pendant - Gold or Silver; Sigil of Baphomet Pendant; Onyx stone eyes; ..
Occult Pendant - Aleister Crowley Kabbalah Jewelry, Silver/Gold
Handmade Occult pendant - Gold or Silver; Kabbalah pendant, Thelema symbol; Custom made; ..
Occult Pentacle Pendant - Sigil of Baphomet Pendant, Silver/Gold
Handmade Baphomet Pendant - Gold or Silver; Sigil of Baphomet; Onyx stone eyes; Occult..
Pentagram pendant - Occult jewelry, Silver/Gold
Handmade Occult pendant - Gold or Silver; Occult pendant, Pentagram symbol; Custom made; ..
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