Each of handmade jewelry has different characters from different eras. In the category, you will find rings with ancient and antique symbols. Here are placed high-quality rings made of gold, silver or a combination of gold and silver.
In the category Ancient and Antique pendants, you will find a large selection of handmade pendants with various characters from ancient times, pendants with Greek symbols, pendants with a special symbolism, mystical signs pendants, pendants for friendship, protection, health and much other beautiful jewelry in antique style.
Entirely handmade. Each of them can be adjusted according to your personal preferences.
The pendants can be a beautiful gift for your favorite friend or life partner.

Crystal Snake Pendant - Ancient Amulet - Silver and Gold
Handmade Ancient pendant - Gold or Silver; Snake pendant; Custom made; Natural / Syn..
Handmade pendant Medusa Gorgon - Silver and Gold
Handmade Medusa Gorgon pendant – Gold or Silver; Ancient pendant; Religious pendant; Hand..
Handmade pendant Wolf - Silver and Gold
Handmade Wolf pendant – Gold or Silver; Ancient pendant; Hand engraved pendant; Purity va..
Skull Pendant - Aztec Skull Jewelry - Silver and Gold
Handmade Aztec Skull pendant - Gold or Silver; Skull pendant – Memento Mori jewelry; C..
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