High quality painting from our stylish Freemason Knights Templar canvas print series and its great masonic gift. Its dedicated to The Structure of Freemasonry and The Degrees in Freemasonry. The Freemason image features high resolution. The Knights Templar painting is printed by high quality standards on canvas. It is stretched over a genuine wooden frame just like the real oil painted paintings.
The masonic gift "Masonic Canvas - The Structure of Freemasonry" Canvas print is offered in three size dimensions:
- SMALL: 40 x 60cm;
- MEDIUM: 54 x 80cm;
- LARGE: 67 x 100cm;

The masonic gift "Masonic Canvas - The Structure of Freemasonry” is also offered without a wooden frame – rolled up.
The price of the canvas not stretched on a wooden frame is about 50% cheaper than the regular price of the stretched painting in the same dimesnsion.
- Price of stretched canvas 100 x 75 cm: 100€;
- Price of rolled up canvas 100 x 75 cm: 50€;
To order this canvas without frame please contact us through our contact form for inquiries: office@masonartstore.com

About the canvas shipping, crafting time, dimensions and other features, look at the "DETAILS" tab above .


The canvas is often used in oil painting art. Nowadays the canvas can be made of hemp, cotton, flax or synthetic material.
Looking at the side of the masonic gift, the picture gives a sense of depth and 3D effect, thanks to the technique by which the masonic canvas print surrounds the genuine wooden frame. That way, the Knights Templar image follows the edges of the frame and continues to the end. 
This Freemason Knights Templar canvas art is a great masonic gift and it is extremely elegant and fine combination of colors and lines sealed on the templar image will be a perfect wall decoration for your home and office. The Freemason Knights Templar painting gives a sense of style and elegance according to Freemason and Knights Templar values.
That makes our beautiful Freemason canvas wall decorations a great present for someone you love, you respect or you are thankful. Don't need to hesitate about your decision. You just can`t go wrong with it.
That's great masonic gift because the smaller Freemason canvases are a great wall decoration for close and tight spaces like hallway or entrance hall and the bigger canvas prints for a living room or office. As everything that we make canvas prints can be customised - you can change the size as you wish, till its limit of course (the biggest size we offer).
You can add a beautiful frame or receive the Knights Templars canvas just rolled up. Our rolled up pieces are about 50% cheaper than the regular price of the stretched Freemason paintings.

General Information
Name The Structure of Freemasonry
Dimension options SMALL: 40 x 60cm; MEDIUM: 54 x 80cm; LARGE: 67 x 100cm
Edition type Stretched Canvas; Also available wrapped (about 50% cheaper) - write a message.
Frame Frame cost extra pay - write us a message.
Shipping & Handling Time
Crafting time ~ 10 business days
Standard shipping 2-5 weeks (depends on destination and other factors that not depends on us). Placed between panels for maximum security.
Express shipping Write a message.
Customization Write a message about other dimensions.

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