Everything you need to know about Masonry and Masonic Eye:

In this stressful and fast-paced life, we all find time to connect with the Almighty to seek his blessings and grace. We chase different means to have a divine connection with the lord to gain his watchfulness and guidance, sadly, not all of these means offer us what we exactly desire. However, the effectiveness of the Masonic eye has never faded. It is the most reliable way to stay connected with the Supreme Power and adhere to his words and teachings.

What is Masonic Eye?

Masonic Eye also is known as Eye of Providence or The All-seeing Eye of God is a Masonic symbol that shows an eye that is surrounded by rays of light or light of glory and which is further enclosed by a triangle. The eye represents a considerate eye of the God that watches over the humanity.

History of Masonic Eye:

Masonic eye commonly known as the eye of God was first identified as the connective between the God and the Divine Providence during the Christian Era. The Illuminati Eye surrounded by a triangle is also considered as an image of the Christian Trinity as per Renaissance European iconography.

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Why you need a Masonic Eye ring?

If you are worried about your wellbeing and finding it hard to deal with the complexity of life, the ultimate solution is to seek the guidance of God. The eye of providence is a symbol that God is watching us and is there to take care of all our deeds. With an Illuminati eye ring or an all-seeing eye pendant, you can maintain your connection with the almighty and proceed in your life.

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Triangle Masonic ring - Pyramid Eye of Providence  Pyramid Masonic Ring - Eye of Providence
What do we do at Mason Art Store?

At MasonArtStore we are dedicated to Masonry Art. We specialize in Freemasonry rings that represent the connection with God. Hand Crafted to perfection, the Mason rings bear a symbol of Divine Power- the all-seeing eye.
At Mason Art Store, you can buy Eye of Horus Rings, Eye of God Rings, Illuminati Eye rings and more. Each one of our product is handmade and free to be customized as per the unique needs of our brothers. We believe in bringing the grace of God to a jewel that you hold close to your heart and body.

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The effect of Masonic rings with the all-seeing eye is what you need to attain peace and live a meaningful life.

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