It is good to know: All offered silver and gold handmade jewelry are not mass produced. Each jewel is custom made and only to order. 

MasonArtStore is an online shop which offers handmade silver and gold personalized jewelry. Each ring, pendant or other custom jewelry is handcrafted by skillful goldsmiths who are highly specialized in the art of silver and gold personalized jewelry crafting.
Our highly qualified goldsmiths also work with varying types of gold:

  • White Gold;
  • Rose Gold;
  • and the most spread – Yellow Gold.

And also varying purity:

  • 10ct;
  • 14ct;
  • 18ct;
  • 24ct;
  • custom purities.

Our goldsmiths work according to all the quality standards, which is proven by our numerous customers all over the world. The crafting technics used for crafting all our jewelry, the tools and the skill guarantee the high quality, the beauty and the uniqueness of each our jewel.
Our goldsmiths put a part of themselves in each jewel and you will feel it. Each silver or gold ring, silver or gold pendant, necklace, silver or gold cufflinks or another jewel carries within itself a part of the goldsmith's soul who molded it and cast it. 
This so-called "value added" is a gift to you from us and our colleagues - our customers. 
Even with the first wearing of your custom jewelry, you will feel the energy it is loaded with. This energy and emotion, that will captivate you, will make you feel a proud owner of a unique and personalized jewel made with great attention and love especially for you.

It is good to know: Each silver and gold jewelry, which you will find in our catalog can be personalized by your request.

The team of MasonArtStore is specialized in the crafting of Silver and Gold Masonic jewelry, Knights Templar, Occult jewelry, Religious Jewelry and accessories. 

Silver and Gold Masonic Jewelry:

Silver and Gold Knights Templar Jewelry:

Silver and Gold Occult Jewelry:

Silver and Gold Religious Jewelry:

Silver and Gold Egyptian Jewelry:

Replicas of silver and gold Antique Jewelry with Ancient symbols:

Besides all the jewelry listed above in the MasonArtStore`s catalog, you will also find Silver and Gold Initial Rings. Like everything else in our catalog, the Initials Rings can also be personalized to your individual requirements.
Initial Rings are a great and unique gift for you or for your loved one, your soulmate, your relative, your friend or your partner.
The handmade Initial rings can be engraved with almost every font type. Usually, on the Initial ring are engraved 1 or 2 letters.
Within 48 hours after placing an order or inquiry, we will email you an image to see how it will look like your Initial Ring with the font you have chosen.

It is good to know: We always keep in touch our customers. This is the key to success for handcrafting your silver or gold custom jewelry. Before placing an order, you can always consult with us on our emails: or

All handmade silver or gold rings, pendants, necklaces, cufflinks and other jewelry which you will find in MasonArtStore`s catalog can be ordered in different sizes and different metals – Sterling Silver 925, White, Yellow or Rose Gold from 10ct to 24ct and also a combination of Silver and Gold.
If you have chosen a model from our catalog but you want to add, remove or change something in it you can write us in our Contact form to discuss the personalization of your ring.
There are countless combinations that we could make but here are some of what we could offer you. 

Often Free of charge custom options*:

  • Your initials on the top and the font of your initials (if its Initial Ring);
  • Inner side (if its ring) or back side (if its pendant or cufflinks for example) can be engraved;
  • Different metals and purity varieties;
  • Ring size;
  • Hallmarked or not;
  • The color and type of the synthetic gemstones.

*Please write us an email to discuss every detail about your Personalized Jewelry.

Often Paid custom options**:

  • Gemstones – synthetic or natural;
  • Weight reducing or increasing for your custom jewelry – "Wear your investment";
  • Paint and colors;
  • Elements, shape and details on the jewelry;
  • Change the finish – matte/brushed, polished premium polished, yellow gold plated, rose gold plated, rhodium plated;
  • Can revert your initials or symbols and use your custom ring or jewelry as a seal ring;
  • Font of the inner inscription;
  • Something we may have forgotten.

**Sometimes the offered customisations are not possible. We will discuss each step of your personalized jewelry crafting with you. During the crafting process, we will send you photos of the model, of the jewelry before sending it and each crafting step at all.

The Regular price*** of your jewel includes:

  • The crafting process of your jewel;
  • Luxury box storage kit - Red, Blue or Black;
  • One-year warranty certificate to recover the plating of the jewel. The certificate is only available if you want to buy the gold-plated, rhodium plated or antique oxidized silver jewelry.

***Regular price means the price that you are able to choose directly trough MasonArtStore`s website and according to DETAIL`s tab information. If you want to add, remove or change weight, gemstones, elements or something else you should contact us to discuss your requirements and it`s exact price.

Design your own unique jewelry – design your ring, pendant, necklace or cufflinks

To ensure that you own a unique piece of jewelry, it has to be crafted by professionals and fully personalized by your requirements!
To make an inquiry you just have to follow the steps:

  1. Write us to our Contact Form or directly to our emails: or;
  2. In your mail attach a link, file (image, photo, drawing/sketch) of the ring, pendant or another jewel that you would like us to craft for you;
  3. Еxplain with as much detail as possible exactly what you want us to craft;
  4. Wait for a response within 24 hours.
  5. Then we will discuss and specify the details;
  6. Once your assignment is cleared and specified we will send you a custom invoice;
  7.  Then the real work may begin. Our modelists will craft a wax model of your unique custom jewel and we will send you photo of it;
  8. Once it is confirmed by you, the casting process will begin;
  9. When your unique custom jewel is finished we will send you photo and will wait for your confirmation;
  10. Once confirmed by you we will send you your unique custom jewel.

It is good to know: If you cant find what you are searching for please send an inquiry through our contact form – Contact Us.

As we spoke, MasonArtStore`s team is specialized in crafting a unique silver and gold jewelry on various subjects.
We also offer Masonic Wall Art Decorations in different size and frames. Here you can order also a Multi Canvas Wall Art. You can even send us your photo and we will frame it for you. We will make a Poster, a Canvas or a Multi Canvas with it. 
Most of our wall art decorations are on themes: “Freemasons”, “Knights Templar”, “Religious” or “Ancient symbols”. Our Canvases and Posters are especially suitable as a present for someone that you really love or respect. They are crafted according to all high-quality standards so you cant go wrong.

We are at your disposal!

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